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The Multiply Method is our defined approach to experiencing the life-changing power of Jesus first in our own lives and then multiplying out into the world.

We believe something needs to change.  


Something needs to change in our world, in our country, in our politics, in our communities, in our families, and in ME.  

But what is going to bring about that change?


It’s not more education.  It’s not new laws or new leaders.  It’s not a social program, policy, organization, or therapy.  


Only Jesus and His Power is able to bring about the necessary changes in the world and in me.  

 The Multiply Method is a defined approach to experiencing the life-changing power of Jesus first in our own lives and then multiplying out into the world.


There are three stages to the Multiply Method approach:  


We call the first stage: ‘Know Jesus’

  • The power of Jesus changes individuals one life at a time.  We invite this power into our lives to the extent that we come to know and experience Jesus and His Gospel message.  So the Multiply Method approach helps people get to know Jesus by learning about and growing in His Word–the Bible–and its message of Good News.  


The second stage we call: ‘Make Jesus Known’

  • In this stage we move from being a receiver to a giver.  In fact, one of our mottos in the Multiply Method is “Givers Gain.”  In this stage we help individual disciples of Jesus to become disciple-makers.  Disciple-makers are people on a mission–helping others experience the life-changing power that we ourselves have already received.  


The third stage is called Live a Jesus Life’

  • In this stage we take a pledge and become part of a community of people who are eager to see the impact of this process multiplied exponentially in the world. 


All real and lasting life change happens in the context of genuine personal relationships.  Conversely, no real change occurs in isolation.  


We invite you to join a community of people who are dedicated to seeing
Jesus change the world!


Multiply Method Ministries



공동체가 함께 모여서 하나님의 말씀인 성경을 함께 듣고 읽는 신앙의 실천 (Spiritual Practice) 입니다.


디트리히 본 회퍼

예배시간에 성경을 읽으면, 우리는 성경의 역사서들 속에서 아주 새로운 경험을 하게 됩니다. 함께 홍해를 건너고 광야를 거쳐 요단 강 너머 약속의 땅으로 들어갑니다. 공예배에서 성경 읽기는 우리에게 날마다 더욱 의미 있고 유익한 일이 됩니다. 

- 본 회퍼의 성도의 공동생활  p84~86 -

스크린샷 2023-10-28 오후 11.52.39.png


커피브레이크 1970년 시카고에서 시작되어 지금은 세계 55개 교단에서 사용 되는, 전도와 제자양육을 위한 성경학습입니다. 말씀중심의 귀납적학습으로 가슴이 뜨거워지고 삶이 변화되는 재미있는 성경발견학습을 입니다. 다양한 질문을 통해 성경이 말하는 의미를 스스로 발견하게 합니다. 

스크린샷 2023-10-28 오후 11.58.41.png

222 Disciple

"222 제자훈련은  평범한 사람들이 예수님을 따르는 제자들을 만들도록 도와줍니다.

222 제자훈련은 복음의 힘과 진정한 개인적인 관계의 힘을 활용합니다. 222 제자훈련은 예수 알기'의 Multiply Method의 첫 단계를 여러분의 삶에서 새로운 차원으로 끌어올 것입니다. 이것은 그 자체로 삶을 변화시킬 것입니다. 하지만 진정한 변화는 여러분이 받는 자에서 주는 자로 전환할 때 찾아올 것입니다."

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